So long, and thanks for all the fishes!

Some time ago, I wrote about my experience on moving to London. It’s in Portuguese because it is hosted on my personal “blog”. But, it resumes my view about this great new city.

Now, I decided to open this medium for english texts because a new moment on my life has begun: Time to move on.

So long... Thanks for all the fish!

Things are happening in the world. Not good things. Really not good things. And, one of them is the UK is leaving the EU. This have consequences in the national economy and business market, for big and small companies.

The company where I work is one that decided to make a decision driven by the recents facts:

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A new chapter

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A lot was put on the table to be analised. Market, people, clients, and world politics. Always putting people and employees above all. That is why the decision to have a new office out of UK was made.

An option for the employees and an extra option for new comers! A decision that makes sense for a company like Future Workshops.

A new opportunity, good and exciting, but, that leaves a broken heart behind

Can a heart still break once it's stopped beating

Changing is good, exciting, amazing, and empowers someone to see new cultures, thoughts, point of view, and nature! But, obviously, is never easy. You are leaving things behind to be able to live new adventures.

I’ve been in London for almost an year and a half. You may say that is not so long. But, I fell in love with the city, made friends in the company and in a small town called Oxted!

I’ll miss the night walks to get the last train from Oxted to London. A moment where I was able to see stars in the sky. I’ll miss the walks from Latimer Road to Liverpool Street Station, going through the Kesington Gardens and Hyde Park. And, I’ll miss the people.

But, there is something that I will not miss: The weather!

The weather is something that, at first, I though it would be something that I could easily overcome and adapt. But, every winter hit me, and hit me HARD. The wind, cold, rainy, dark afternoons are heavy in the soul.

So, what is the next step?

Barcelona's night sky


Let’s be a Spanish in Spain.

But, this will be a new chapter on a new life… When I settle down and have more to say, believe! I’ll come back to tell you more about it! 🎉